Re Post from Paris: Croque Madame, Versailles Gardens

Please enjoy this repost from our Paris trip in 2010. The nice weather here in SF keeps bringing me back to Versailles with its lovely gardens and hidden groves.

I will admit that up until this point, I was afraid of the cheese aspect of the Croque. But, last night, Kristen ordered one and assured me it was just a mild cheese, so today, I ordered one.

To be honest, I didn’t realize that the croque madame came with an egg on top. It never occured to me to ask what the difference was between the monsieur and hte madame. Boy am I happy I did.

There are probably better specimens of the croque madame, but this made my day! The oozing egg over the ham and melted cheese was divine.

I am totally going to make these as often as my waistline will permit. What a treat!

Here is a link to a great croque madame recipe.