Repost from Paris: Greek Sandwich

a favorite sandwich from our 2010 trip to Paris....


Oh man, this is good!

Michelle took me to her favorite greek sandwich place in the Mouffetard (Rue de Contrescarpe is just nearby).

It’s a sandwich that includes fries….on it! Did the purveyors of such a treat say to themselves “what kind of sandwich would Tashi like best?” and then add the fries to make it my favorite thing ever?!

Chicken marinated in secret spices, though I definitely tasted oregano in there. And the white sauce they put on there may have had yogurt. Oh, the pita bread was fresh and the tomatoes, too.

I do believe this kicked the L’As du Falaffel’s sandwich down to number two, but either would be delightful.

You can re-create one in your own home by using this lovely recipe.

The original post can be found on my Paris travel blog here.