Everybody Loves Gluten Free Pizza!

 I made pizza for my friends one night recently. Here's what we put on them....

 And let me show you a few of the other toppings we used, along with links to the recipes!

Make my vegan bolognese sauce for your pizza. One recipe will yield at least five pizzas with plenty leftover for a few bowls of pasta, too.

Gluten-free pizza dough can be made at home, following this recipe. Or, you can buy a ball of dough at your local pizza place. In San Francisco, there are several places that offer GF pizza dough.

Top your pizza with roasted veggies, anchovies, an egg, cheese, or anything else you can think of.

We used thisEnglish snap pea and lemon spread on a white pizza with an egg and some anchovies. Delightful!

Anchovies. Need I say more?

(the above pizza is made with regular pizza dough from the local pizza place)

Pizza can be made on the grill, for those of you in those super hot areas of the country right now. I hope you enjoy these topping ideas and please do share your own favorite toppings with me.

This pizza is made with the GF pizza dough recipe featured above and here.