A Little Romance: Repost From Paris, 2010

Originally posted on my blog from our Paris trip, 2010.  You should really watch "A Little Romance". It's available on Amazon Instant Video or you can purchase it here

Anybody who knows me at all, knows one of my all time favorite movies is “A Little Romance”. It takes place here in Paris and in Venice and is the story of a 13 year old rich American ex-pat girl who meets a 13 year old working-class French boy.

When my mom and I went to Venice in 1989, we spotted many of the locations the movie was shot in. As of today, I have found two or three of the key spots in Paris. The main one, is their second meeting at the Arc du Triomphe du Carrousel, near the Louvre, pictured at right.

Isabella has commented many times over the past two weeks how much romance she is witnessing and how nice it is. I have to agree, being a die-hard romantic, it is nice to see how Parisians show their passion. There is sometimes just a gesture or a hand on a back, but you can see the connection in a way I’m not sure I’ve seen in the US.

Keep in mind, I’m a sucker for flowers, little notes of admiration or your day-to-day romance. But, this is different and I hope to see the kind of romance we’re seeing here back home. It would be nice to live in a place where romance triumphs.

By the way, in the Luxembourg Gardens, we saw a man and his friends unfurl a banner in front of a huge crowd of people and then cheering. As it turned out, he was asking his lady to marry him. She said yes, as I’m sure most of us would!

Below is one of the sweetest dialogues from the movie (which I own, and is also available on Netflix via mail or instantly, in case you have a need to see it):

Lauren King: I used to think, maybe a long time ago, like… like in the time of the pharaohs or Louis the 13th that, there was somebody, made just perfect for me. I mean, when you think about it and consider that your feelings of love, begin when you’re about ten and if you live to say 70, well that’s pretty limiting because, what chances there that he’ll be alive at the same time you are? You know?

Daniel Michon: I feel the same things. I mean, even if she lived in my lifetime. What if my perfect woman lived in India or California or Brazil? What chance is there that I’d meet her when I live in La Garenne?

Lauren King: It’s incredible isn’t it?

Daniel Michon: Absolutely… incredible. [holds her hand]