The Perfect Breakfast

I have found a breakfast that Ms Iz loves: the Egg Sandwich.

You'd think I would have tried this with her a long time ago, but it just occurred to me two weeks ago that she'd love just a plain omelet, cooked very thin, sandwiched between toasted white bread. She added ketchup (which she now says is good on everything, including sauteed mushrooms).

For me, I made a habanero chicken sausage alongside my eggs. No bread for me. I've been staying away from gluten (and a whole bunch of other stuff), so stick to proteins, greens, fruits and nuts these days.

Ms Iz has been hilarious about my new(ish) dietary restrictions, stating, that I basically don't eat anything anymore. She's onto something. The foods not-on-the-list any longer include: gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, caffeine, red meat.

Let me be clear, all dairy except for Butter is off the list (yes, I meant to give butter an uppercase B, it's that important to me). I have not replaced any of the dairy or meat with substitutes, and since there is nothing that compares to real butter, I am still eating it.

Soy is present in so many things, it's next to impossible to eliminate it, especially with my love of all foods Asian. But, I try very hard not to eat too much of it.

I've been eating like this since October, 2011 (with a renewed commitment this past March) and it truly makes me feel better. I'm not anti any foods (except cilantro, blue cheese and lamb), but for me this new way of eating is working out. That's not to say I don't give in and eat the things I love when they are presented to me, I've just adjusted the way I cook on a day-to-day basis to exclude most of these ingredients.

And so, new types of recipes to follow, but let me tell you, they are all delicious and still quite decadent!