Re-Post from Paris: Farmhouse Culture, Schwartz's Deli, Sauerkraut and Hot Dogs

My friend Aviva gave me three wonderful sauerkrauts made by Farmhouse Culture. If you are local to SF and the Bay Area, you can get some at the Farmer's Market in the Castro on Wednesday nights. If not, click here to order from their website. I love the smoked jalapeño sauerkraut the best.

The sauerkraut reminded me of a great hot dog I had in Paris at Schwartz's Deli. Here is my post from July, 2010.

Not everything is open on Sunday in Paris. We knew this and planned on another round of tea at Mariage Freres later in the day, but wanted to get out and do something with our morning.

We headed out to an area we had discovered the night before. It was literally only one block further away from our house than we had been walking, and there was some nice window shopping to do.

Some stores did end up being open, best of which was the soap store, La Maison du Savon.  There were over 100 varieties of Marseilles soap, all reasonably priced and smelling divine. They have every scent from sweet to spicy, including pine, rose, tilleul (which I think is Linden) and rosemary. We bought 5 bars of soap and Isabella got some special rose and angel shaped ones for herself.

Realizing that tea wasn’t until after 3pm, we decided to eat. Yes, as the picture denotes, hot dogs. It being Sunday, all of the kosher restaurants were open. We chose Schwartz’s since they seemed to have a nice looking deli counter and a good NY deli menu.

It did not disappoint. Isabella got hers plain on a bun. I got the sauerkraut and relish on mine. They also brought some house-made dill pickles to the table, which were not too salty and just tart enough. Isabella was a fan of the onion rings, too.

We thoroughly enjoyed out American hot dogs, and thought it would have been nice to have celebrated Fourth of July at Schwartz’s as well.

This post was originally posted on Summer Jetsetter, my notes on our month in Paris, 2010.