Julia Child Rocks

I am here in San Francisco on a cool Saturday night watching a show created in NY called "Julia Child Memories: Bon Appetit" and it's fabulous. They have chosen a good number of her original episodes of "The French Chef" to re-air alongside some commentary from her fellow chefs. It's amazing to see her style of cooking show vs. the style of today's TV chefs. She is truly having a conversation with you, the viewer. The pace she moves is not hectic and there is minimal cutting away to shots of ingredients while she cooks.

The first part of the show is featuring her Omelette episode. She made approximately 6 versions, before going into her dining room where she had a portable burner set up and where she continues to make more omelettes for a dining room party. All the while, she is making a running commentary about who she is cooking each omelette for. Fascinating and real.

Here is a link to the PBS/Julia Child page where you can view some of the episodes:


She is most awesome.

Bon Appetit!