the coldest winter....

i know it's not even summer yet, but mark twain's comment is very fitting on this mid-May evening. and i quote: "the coldest winter i ever spent was summer in san francisco". preaching to the choir right now.
i've found that i am channeling gran-fran's best winter look tonight. down vest, tee-shirt, 2 sweaters, furry socks and a large blanket. oh, and i've managed to not only make myself some dinner, but to also put a pot of split pea soup on the stove as well.
it never fails, the smell of cloves, bay leaf, thyme and smoked ham make me calm and happy. i recall gran fran making this all the time, but maybe it wasn't quite as often as i tend to make it (once a month, at least). it has been a nice thing, making soup, since my little lady won't eat it, it's all for me. and when there is extra, i share it with my workmates, which makes me happy and them, too.
i've wathced "like water for chocolate" and am now into "amelie" both very beautiful films, both make me nostalgic for gran-fran. she gave me the book "like water for chocolate", but there is no firm reason why "amelie" also resonates as a gran-fran movie.
maybe it's the soundtrack. she and i both have a love for accordian music ("amarcord" anyone?). i even have two accordians that i have taught myself to play (not very well, but i love it). but, i think it has to do with the romantic nature of both of these movies. gran-fran, joe and all of us kids always watched movies that focused on romance. think fred & ginger, "singin' in the rain", woody allen's "purple rose of cairo (before his fall from my good graces).
it may also be the way it is shot. again, back to fellini, the cinematography on "amelie" is just stunning. the anles, the lighting, the setting and most of all the vivid colors.
so, in my 40-something degree-city in mid-May, i say, thank you, gran-fran, for giving me the split pea and a way to appreciate such great films.
The recipe appeared here originally, in October, 2009.
Please do enjoy!