Slow Cooked Eggs....

Have I mentioned how much I love eggs? 
Well, I do, and I think I always have (Gran Fran can weigh in here and tell you all otherwise, though). 
I am especially intrigued by the slow cooked eggs I've had in Ramen. I've been wanting to try my hand at them for quite some time now. I just came across this recipe on Japanese Food Glossary, that looks simple enough.
I am going to try it and report back. But, I'm posting now, in case any of you friendly readers have tried slow cooking eggs (known as Onsen eggs in Japanese cooking).
Send me your comments, if you have any, I'm going to get started on this post haste!

Japanese Food Glossary Onsen Eggs
recipe from above site

  • Set fresh eggs in room temperature before cooking. Make sure eggs aren't cold.
  • Before putting eggs, boil enough water to cover eggs in a thermal cooker pot, or thick pan or eathenware pot and remove the pot from the heat.
  • Add some cold water to make the temperature of the hot water about 167 degrees F.
  • Carefully place eggs in the hot water and cover the pot with a lid. If you are using a thermal cooker, place the pot in the cooker. If you aren't using a thermal cooker, carefully wrap a thick towel around the pot to keep it warm.
  • Set aside for about 30 minutes in a warm room.
  • Remove cooked eggs by using a ladle to soak them in cold water, then crack into bowls and serve with broth or rice noodles.