A Nice Iced Drink

Let me introduce you to my new non-alchoholic beverage of choice: Ginger Ale with pure Cranberry Juice.

Pure cranberry juice is really sour. It has no sweetners, not even grape or apple juice. It's not meant to be drunk alone (as far as I'm concerned), so I usually water it down.

The other night, I decided to try it with some Ginger Ale instead of water.


What a nice combination, the gingery-sweet soda and the tart cranberry juice taste great together. I suppose you could bill this as a healthy drink, what with the pure cranberry juice and all, but that might be pushing it a bit.

The color of this drink is a conversation starter, too, so it's a great going-out drink, you know, a good opener....

To make this at home:

  • mix 2/3 ginger ale
  • with 1/3 pure cranberry juice

Voila! A great drink is made.